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A beautiful day

Basket of white chrysanthemums

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Life seems like a fairy tale where everyday is fine.Give these flowers it is  so original and delicately congratulate your sweetheart, your colleague, your close friend or relative with generally recognized as holidays, for example, on March 8, or birthday, and with personal dates like a month of dating, the year of the joint action or 10 years of happy marriage.White chrysanthemum framed ornamental foliage would be a symbol of your dedication, affection, love, care and affection. Do not forget to send the hero of the occasion, these delightful flowers and then it will be an unforgettable day fairy tale ending that he definitely wants to spend close to you!

:White Chrysanthemum x 5 branches, ornamental foliage, basket..
Length: 40 cm.
Diameter: 25 cm.
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