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Ficus elastica (Ficus elastica). Large branching shrub. The leaves are beautiful, dense, elongated-oval, ranging in length from 30 to 45 cm, pointed at the ends. Young leaves are bronze color green with time. In large conservatories in old specimens appear small inedible figs. Suitable for landscaping foyer large shop windows, conservatories.

Care: rubber plants are watered evenly throughout the year, increasing watering in the summer. In the spring and summer of 23-25 ° C, in winter most species need temperature 12-15 ° C, but they are well tolerate the winter and in the heat of the dwelling. All ficus very poorly tolerate cold drafts. ficus undemanding to light, but in deeply shaded places they elongate internodes, branches are drawn to the light, the plants become malooblistvennymi.
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