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Charming glade

Pink roses and alstroemeria

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For this admiration has no boundaries! It gives a lot of joyful emotions, positive mood and screaming delight.And our flower delivery service will prove this.These delicate pale pink roses combinated together with alstroemerias are able to charm anyone.This bouquet will give to your  colleagues, business partners, loved woman sparks a true delight  and parents on the day of the anniversary will be full of gratitude, because of such a composition of colors is simply impossible to tear goggle.Fascinate your colleagues, tempt favorite ladies, captivity their feelings loved men with this bunch and our service will do everything to instantly intended for loved ones, etched in their hearts.

Includes:7 pink roses, 8-10 alstroemerias.
Note: Price is without vase. Vase can be ordered separately.
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